Every conversation ends with 'please put it in the games.'


Realizing a virtual society that
changes based on players' own
free will through an MMORPG.

ArcheAge is a MMORPG based on Eastern
and Western fantasy world view. ArcheAge was developed to let players
enjoy the virtual world content with their own free will.

Based on CryEngine 3 ArcheAge realized optimized graphics adding sense
of reality with a seamless world.

ArcheAge includes many various features from life contents such as construction,
crafting, housing to battle contents like siege warfare, declaration of nation so that any player who is fond of MMORPG can enjoy.

ArcheAge Begins

Exploring the global market with a 3D MORPG that encompasses the ArcheAge world view

ArcheAge Begins is a hero-collecting
that reflects the original story
and world view of the ArcheAge Chronicles by Min-hee Jeon.
Developed with Unreal Engine 4,
players are able to enjoy a new type of fun
through collection of high-quality heroes
and splendid, strategic battles.
In addition, popular life contents of
the original ArcheAge – housing, fishing
and trading
- as well as Territory Wars,
the core competition content, have been adopted and optimized for mobile devices.

Civilization online

Creating Sid Meier's Civilization
into an MMOG

Civilization Online is a unique new
MMO in which players work together
to build a civilization from the stone
age to the space age. Create your
custom avatar and then choose which role you will play in the expansion of your empire. Research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and great wonders, wage war, or conduct espionage to achieve victory over other players and civilizations in a dynamically changing world.


Civilization online

Initial step into mobile game market

Braves for Kakao is a 2D action RPG that many people can play through its partnership with Kakao.
Player can collect more than 500 kinds of spirits and clear over 300 stages.
Experience the exciting battle only 2D action games can offer.



Entering mobile game market by grafting ArcheAge contents.

Archeville is farm-style game which provides not only fun of constructing
and managing village but players can decorate cute character with various
items. Highlight of Archeville is the linkage system that allows the player to
send certain items from Archeville to ArcheAge. Archeville is a mobile
game with its own magnetism and gave a new approach with its linkage
system with MMORPG.


Online racing game, XL1

Challenge to developing a online racing game that can surpass
console games.

XL1 is the first project of XLGAMES with a goal to pioneer online racing
game market with high quality graphics and self-developed engine. XL1 is
designed to satisfy both hard core and casual players. It included simulation
features, such as vehicle tuning and upgrades, as well as easy and fun
arcade racing game play.