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Blockchain PC MMORPG ArcheWorld sold out of Land NFTs, making a great start for the official launch

게임소식 | 2023-04-19

ArcheWorld’, the blockchain version of XLGAMES’ highly acclaimed MMORPG ArcheAge, launches brand new servers in Americas region on April 19th, 23:00 (UTC).

‘ArcheWorld’ is the first seamless, open-world PC MMORPG that utilizes NFT(Non-Fungible Token) based on blockchain technology. ArcheWorld recognizes the users' ownership of various items such as land, houses, mounts, vehicles and equipment by minting them into NFTs and users can make earnings in BSLT by playing various contents.

‘ArcheWorld’ is launching two servers simultaneously in the Americas, and the Land NFT minting of the both servers, which was conducted on Polygon chain, has been successful. Total 4,580 Land NFTs from the two servers has been sold out, and the final sales amount reaches $1,200,000, reflecting the high popularity and interest in the market.

‘ArcheWorld’ provide Portuguese and Spanish options for the users of Americas region, and the status of participation in the pre-registration promotion also showed a higher figure compared to last year's Asian region, reflecting the interest of gamers in the Latin American region.

Martin Kwanho Choi, CEO of XLGAMES said “ArcheWorld has been constantly growing for the 8 months of service with its high-quality content and stable in-game economy based on structured Tokenomics. ArcheWorld is being introduced as a successful blockchain game between users and I hope that more global users could come and experience this game firsthand by us launching the service in both Americas.”

All the users who want to play on the new server can log in and play for free from the ArcheWorld official website ( www.archeworld.com ) and even those who are not familiar with crypto can join easily through the ‘Face Wallet’ option.